The Bernardelli name can be traced back through the mists of time to the earliest days of firearms manufacturing.

Two documents are significant in the Bernardelli family history. The first one, dated in 1631, during the Venetian Rebublic, is a record of the marriage of Bartolino Barnelli with Maria Acquisti, doughter of a noble family who owned several gun plants in Val Trompia.

This marriage was followed in 1632, as a second link between the two families, by the one of a Bartolino's sister with a Maria's brother.

The other document, dated 1721, records the acquisition of a large gun factory by Bernardelli brothers.

In 1865, Vincenzo Bernardelli, a gifted business man and engineer, pioneered many significant advances in modern shotgun industrial production.

The Bernardelli trademark is world recoqnized for prestige and quality which has made Bernardelli firearms much sought after by shooters and collectors worldwide.

The company continues to craft guns by combining the time-honored tradition of quality craftmanship with the latest design and manufacturing technologies.



115 Special  - the top model of the brand

Over & under moldy chokes

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